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Do you ever feel stuck helping clients and wish you had new tips and techniques that can make a difference in helping your clients immediately? You are not alone.  

Based on the latest neurological and emotional intelligence research, Jenny Craig, LCSW, BCD has created a seminar packed full of practical tools that will help your clients manage their emotions, control behavior and accurately assess situations in their life. Research indicates that these capabilities are more important than IQ to overall success in life and that deficits in emotional and social intelligence cause a wide range of mental health problems.  You will learn insider's tools for changing habits and making them stick, how to lower stress in 10 minutes, decrease negative thought patterns and more. These techniques have been successfully utilized with executives, athletes, difficult parents, juvenile offenders and Axis I diagnosis clients.Whether you're looking for new ideas or just need to refresh your notes, don't miss this opportunity to learn from one of the nation's top speakers.

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~Identify the neurology of changing habits in terms anyone can understand

~Uncover tools to help lower anxiety and depression

~Discover the secrets behind motivation and goal setting with clients

~Apply hands-on techniques to decrease negative thought patterns

~The nine necessary steps to change negative thinking  patterns

~Self-awareness techniques to stop behavioral problems

~Creative Techniques to Manage Behavioral Problems

~Discover the secrets to motivation and SMARTER goals

~Uncover creative tools that teach self-awareness

~Hands-on technique for changing habits

~Teaching an emotional compass

~Uncover the power of meditation and how to get any client to try it

~Discover the purpose of self-sabotage and how to stop it

~ Identify and change negative emotions that are blocking performance

~ Maintain and increase their positive mindset and get over mistakes and failures better


Creative Techniques to Manage Depression

~Specific techniques to fill the body and mind with joy

~Learn gratefulness tools and how to make it stick

~Uncover the tool to stop negative thought cycles

~Discover the tools to releasing trauma and deep emotion

 Creative Techniques to Manage Anxiety

~Stress thermometer

~Anxiety appointments

~Uncover the power of visualization

~Learn how to manage energy vampires and negative people

~ Manage their stress better

~ Remain in better physical health (e.g. decrease in anxiety attacks, headaches, back pain)

~Experience maximum concentration

~Respond more positively to feedback, criticism and direction

~Decrease impulsiveness

~Maintain more consistent focus

About Jenny Craig, LCSW, BCD

Jenny Craig, LCSW, BCD is a brilliant forerunner in the field of emotional intelligence.  Jenny is known internationally for her ability to help companies, executives and athletes get to the root of the issue and provide them with practical tools for change. Quite dynamic, Jenny is at the top of her field in psychology having trained other psychologists/coaches in 48 states on her techniques, speaks internationally, has published 3 books and been part of two best sellers, runs an international mastermind, helps executives/athletes break through with executive coaching and interviews top game changers on her radio show Live your Power.

As a top change agent, she he has appeared on WINK, CBS, FOX, PBS and the Lifetime Network and been named the 2012 American Business Woman Association Neapolitan Woman of the Year, Gulfshore Business’s 40 under 40, the guru of interest

in Gulfshore Life and has received the Sapphire Award from Inscape Publishing. Jenny is the creator of one of the TOP emotional intelligence curriculum’s in the world.

Watch three simple tips that can change your brain for success.


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Gene Landrum, PhD, Founder of Chuck E. Cheese and author of 17 books

Called the CEO’s best kept secret, Jenny Craig, LCSW, BCD is a brilliant forerunner in the field of emotional intelligence.  Her uncanny ability to translate the latest emotional intelligence research into practical tools and trainings and her knack at getting hard nosed executives to train their minds is invaluable to succeed in the global economy.  

Her international studies and background in neurology/psychology bring an advantage to any company looking for more than just another motivational speaker/clinical therapist.  Jenny is known internationally for her ability to help companies and executives get to the root of the issue and provide them with practical tools to change.

Ron Klein, Senior Olympian, Inventor of the Magnetic Credit Card Strip-Validity Checking System, Developer of MLS, Voice Response and the Bond Quotation for NYSE.

Jenny’s genius in emotional intelligence is taking complex issues and breaking them into practical, step by step tools that have helped top executives and athletes learn to become positive, success based thinkers.  Jenny’s brilliance of getting executives/athletes to see blind spots they never knew existed is uncanny.  Her tools to move someone to their next level of success are groundbreaking.   As everything starts with thoughts, what could be more valuable? Her innovative program and awareness tools such as the “I am grateful for...” ring has been ingenious with to help with focus and a positive mindset

Catherine Garceau

Olympian - Author - Speaker

Jenny’s emotional intelligence training is invaluable to any athlete ready to break through to their next level.  She often says, “Be careful of your thoughts, for your thoughts become your actions.  Be careful of your actions, for they are what will win or lose your game.  While most would agree, the majority of our game is won in our head long before we get on the court, there are not many who teach us how to control our minds.  Not only has Jenny done all the schooling, done years of research and created a top emotional intelligence training, she is easy to understand, cares and pushes you to your next level.

Other psychologists, consultant, trainers and helping professionals thoughts about Jenny and her programs:

“Jenny is one of the best speakers I have heard. I’ve used several of her suggestions already - I love it. It is just the jump start I needed in helping my clients.”

Kathy, LMHP, CPC


Marvelous trainer!  Jenny is very practical and provided applicable, realistic tools throughout the day. Not only was she inspiring and refreshing, the “value for the buck” is tremendous! Her speaking skills are so engaging as she presents with sense of humanness, empowerment and inspiration so insightful and uplifting, I did not want the day to end.

-Barbara Bush, LMSW  Chicago, IL

I attended Jenny Craig’s seminar in Tulsa recently. I thoroughly enjoyed it and have been using many of her techniques with my clients- both children and adults. It's amazing how something as simple as deciding to change your pathway of thought to the positive as opposed to the "more traveled" path makes a huge difference, even in adults who have terrible abuse issues.
I have also been using Jenny’s awareness tools with amazing results to reinforce new pathways with all my clients.
Thanks again for all of your insights.

~Lee Martin, M.A.,L.P.C.

“Jenny was invaluable! She knows how to guide you past the psychological landmines so that you can focus on what matters most.” - Erik Kerr, VP of Premier Mentoring

Jenny is one of the most dynamic and energetic speakers I have ever heard and I have been to many seminars/trainings. Informative, concise, stimulating. I walked away with how to change my life, my bad habits, and my business.  Jenny’s training and consultation are priceless!

-Robin Bright, PhD

Jenny’s seminar provided the answers I needed to understand how our thoughts can change our life. I left feeling wonderful about myself and my work. Her energy and enthusiasm kept my attention for a full six hour training!

Amber Brooks, PhD
New York, New York


I walked into Jenny’s seminar depressed and tired. I left Jenny’s seminar inspired, energized and uncovering the insight that I Am... Brilliant and I Make a Difference to the world.  Her insightful tools are making quite an impact on others.  Heartfelt Thanks!

Victoria Wage, PhD
Oahu, HI


EQ is such an important topic for EVERYONE to learn about. Jenny was wonderful explaining this topic why it is important and how it will change your life and others in it!  No business can afford to miss this training.

-Colleen White, PhD

Ms. Craig presents the concepts of Emotional Intelligence with positive energy, humor, a high degree of knowledge and compassion.  She is a very vibrant speaker.

Dennis Galloway, State Licensing Specialist

Medford, OR

Jenny uses great examples, personal experiences and practical tools to share the information of how to boost emotional intelligence.  The research and tips are very appreciated as well as the visual/tactile tools used in the workshop are very helpful for retaining the information and knowing how to share it with anyone looking to become more successful.

Chelsea Brandenburg, MED

Euguene, OR

Ms. Craig is an inspiring speaker.  She has great information that is practical and scientifically based to help others train their brain for success.

Derenda Schubert, Phd Clinical Psychology

Portland, OR

Jenny’s enthusiasm and knowledge are contagious. I left with many “tools” to use while working with my students. I can’t wait for the school year to start!!

-Allison Middlebrook –  Social Services, Rhome, TX

Very engaging and entertaining speaker with very informative and current data for working with today’s youth in this technologically changing environment.

-Mart T. Copeland, ACSW  Santa Monica, CA

Jennifer is insightful and energetic. She was informative by sharing issues from everyday life. One of the best speakers I’ve heard.

-Leah Clark, LLBSW

Jenny’s presentation was fast paced, jam packed with helpful ideas, and realistic as well as fun!  Her emotional intelligence shines through in her presentations.  As she is so dynamic, I now understand how is can help businesses, individuals and even children become more success.

-Cindy Tepaiski, LCPC

I really enjoyed the seminar and all of the examples. I can use a lot of this material with the kids and the adults, along with my own life. I was so impressed I called my husband and he is attending the seminar tomorrow. I plan on having all my staff attend the next seminar for themselves and to help in our mission of helping children.

-Jami Johnson,  LCSW  Tampa, FL

This is a program every business and school in America should have!

-Jinger Moore, High school counselor

Very Knowledgeable, passionate about the subject. Gives great examples to make her point. Genuine – Gives practical tools

-Patricia J Cox, RN, LCSW, RHD

This was the most interesting seminar I’ve attended this year. Ms Craig’s passion is very appreciated. Unbelievable!   Tim, PhD Little Rock

Very brilliant speaker and full of knowledge. Great presenter and stays on task.

-Mallinda S. Lumsden, LBSW

Jeny provided real life examples and experimental actives to keep our attention and foster our integrative understanding and motive.

-Jason Sloan,  LLP

Energetic and strong speaker, Passionate about her work, Genuine, great examples, very animated -Susan LFMT

Jennifer was excellent. She was very knowledgeable on topics presented. Jennifer was a great speaker-the day flew by!

-Nicki Stiemsma MA, LLPC

Presents in a clear, easy to understand manner

-Bernie Kazyok

Knows her subject matter, Energetic, fun.

-Mike Beery, LSW

Assertive, Interesting, Informative

-Pat Veaclo, PhD

Excellent! I love going to seminars that I can take hands on actives to use right away! Great use of personal stories.

-Jamie Ritach, LMSW

Very High energy, engaging and knowledgeable. She really kept my attention.

-Pam Lard, LMSW

Truly the best seminar I have been to. Lots of great and useful references and ideas

-Courtney Cinglie, LMSW CAAC

Love your sense of humor! Very useful ideas, resources, books, etc. Thank you

-Jamie Fafleur, MA LPC

I love the presentation, ideas, examples, etc. Didn’t get bored as happens from time to time in these workshops. Thank you for the games!

-Margaret Neal

This day went so fast! I will be disappointed when it ends because I enjoyed the presentation. The personal stories/examples made the material “click”. Jenny has a great speaking voice and gave off a ton of infectious energy!!

-Kelly Johnson

Jennifer was great. Her confidence is infectious and a breathe of fresh air.

-Travis Fultz,

I really enjoyed Jenny’s seminar. She knows what she is teaching, and makes it fun to learn. She is passionate on the subject and enjoys sharing her knowledge with others

-Heather Caraceio,

Jenny made the presentation very interesting and was able to capture the attention of the group for the duration of the seminar

-Jen Kuhle, PhD

Great presentation – engaging presentation. Good content presented in a useful humorous way.

-Jill Stone, LCSW

Good presenting, wonderful sense of humor. Good content and useful.

-Ladi Cunningham, LMFT

I love the constant use of humor in the presentation; I never got bored or lost interest. Your energy is contagious

-Perry Sidenkraz, LCSW

Great presentation! Jenny has a great delivery style!

-Julie Bles, LCSW

All the information you talked about today is so true. If only teachers and principals would understand and use this information. Students and children’s’ lives would be a little easier to cope with. Good job!  Tom Pasone PhD in Michigan

Keeps you interested/ high energy, never boring

-Angela Nelson

Good use of examples and internet research sites. Great presenter, lots of energy in presentation   - Katherine, PhD   Greensboro, NC

Jennifer kept my attention and kept things interesting with her speaking style but gave very relevant information that I found most helpful.  -John LCSW, Atlanta, GA

Thank you for your gifts of speaking, connection and empathy! I’ll think of you when I use these tool      -Sally, PhD Sottsdale, AZ

Jennifer was very prepared. It was obvious that she knew her stuff. She was very upbeat  Tom, LCSW - Los Angeles, CA

Jenny Craig is refreshing in her teaching and strategies used to reach and treat children and adults with emotional and behavioral problems.  Molly PhD   Dallas, TX

I really enjoyed this seminar. This is the first seminar that I didn’t distract and multi-task. You definitely have a passion , energy and genuine about you. Thank you 

Carrie, LCSW, BCD  New York

I am brilliant!  Thank-you Jenny for teaching me how to uncover and be aware of my power and gifts.  Kea, MSW  Honolulu, HI

Very Energetic

Variety of realistic tools for a variety of clients in a way everyone can learn

Great presentation, very useful information for myself and for the children I work with

You made me get re-energized for my job and looking forward to using the information with our clients.

Very helpful and energetic presentation on the importance of EQ in relation to children, adolescents, and adults!

Very useful information, actual tools that can be used with kids I serve, very energetic and kept my attention

Really energetic and easy to listen to

Your enthusiasm for this topic is infectious. Your teaching method makes applying this seem fun and easy

Very energetic, great examples, lots of ideas and information

Great presentation style very energetic!

-Amy Schlosser – 

Purposeful information for self and others, wonderful material to share with anyone. Very enthusiastic and interesting as a presenter, loved the energy!

-Misty Reynolds –

Wonderful and very genuine presentation, upbeat and inspiring!

-Misty Sarg – 

Jennifer Craig’s enthusiasm and humor was infectious. I can’t wait to utilize what I have learned and I want to learn more!

-Kim Sullivan –

Jenny taught me techniques that I can take back to school and use!

-Leigh Ann Fitzpatrick –  Kentucky

Jenny Craig was very enthusiastic and fun. She was extremely knowledgeable about the topics she discussed

-Michelle Carter –  Kentucky Teacher

Ms. Craig was very informative and provided great, helpful information in a fun way.

-Kim Wolfe –

Allows us to experience as adults what children experience rather than just lecturing

Enthusiastic! Great examples and explanation, lots of new ideas to try!

Entertaining, east to follow, great resources

Informative, Enthusiastic, funny! Excellent speaker! Amazing Conference!

Incredibly helpful real-life examples to make the info applicable. Fun and engaging presentation with practical tools to make clinical work and real life relationships better.

Angela Bryant, PhD

Jennifer Craig brought to life real-life, practical strategies in dealing with children dealing with emotional and behavioral difficulties.

-I am…Angela Henry, MSW

-Angie Miller

Jennifer presents with confidence and competence; She’s affirming and knowledgeable about the subject. I enjoyed her workshop

-Allison Ireland


Requests for refunds must be made in writing at least 72 hours in advance of the program and will be issued via check, less a 15% administrative fee. To request a refund, e-mail jcraig@liveyourpower.com and include the date and title of the event, as well as your mailing address where the refund check should be sent. There will be no refunds for cancellations made after the deadline. There is a $25.00 charge on all returned checks. (This policy is effective immediately and supercedes any cancellation policies previously published.)