The Live your Power™ alliance brings together powerful people of positive mindset to offer you fresh perspectives, creative insights, encouragement and accountability to get to your next level of success.  

Change evolves authentically from the inside out. Uncover an individualized program to learn tools, methodology and support for taking your success to the next level.

Self-guided program to learn practical tools to train your brain for success and boost your emotional intelligence



           (6 credits)





When you are ready for real change

  1. Are you feeling stuck and ready to break through to your next level of success?

  2. Are you ready to stop self sabotage?

  3. Are you ready to be more profitable while working smarter and not harder?

Are you looking for more personal fulfillment?

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Events that inspire and empower

    The Power of Women    

  Make it happen Monday 


California Women’s               Conference


Called the CEO’s best kept secret, coach Jenny is known internationally for her ability to quickly get to the root of the issue while providing practical tools for change.  She is an:

~ international coach

~ author of  3 books and been part of two best sellers

~ creator of the Live your Power™ Alliance, the Live your Power™ Success Program and the I am grateful for...™ ring.

~ has appeared on WINK, CBS, FOX, PBS and the Lifetime Network and been named the 2012 American Business Woman Association Neapolitan Woman of the Year, Gulfshore Business’s 40 under 40, the guru of interest in Gulfshore Life and has received the Sapphire Award from Inscape Publishing.

~ helped thousands get to their next level of success

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Meet Jenny Craig, LCSW, BCD

“I’ve been through many coaches and mastermind groups with little success. In less than two months of coaching with Jenny, my business went up 30% in net income and have never felt better.” - CEO Abbie, JW Sladick, CGR, CAPS


Jenny is a brilliant forerunner in the field of emotional intelligence.  Her uncanny ability to translate the latest emotional intelligence research into practical tools and trainings are invaluable for companies to succeed in the global economy and athletes to break through to their next level of success.  Her knack for getting teams to synergize and taking people to their next level of success is truly a priceless gift.
~Gene Landrum, PhD, Founder of Chuck E. Cheese, professor emeritus,  author of 21 books and tennis champion

Jenny’s genius in emotional intelligence is taking complex issues and breaking them into practical, step by step tools to help executives and athletes learn to become positive, success based thinkers.  As everything starts with thoughts, what could be more valuable?  Her amazing invention of the “I am grateful for...” ring has been ingenious with to help with focus and a positive mindset
~Ron Klein, Senior Olympian, Inventor of the Magnetic Credit Card Strip-Validity Checking System, Developer of MLS, Voice Response and the Bond Quotation for NYSE.