Uncover the secrets of training your brain for success that have taken TOP entrepreneurs, athletes, and CEO’s

to their next level

Do you wish you could just get someone to get inside your head and remove all your negative self-limiting thoughts and self-sabotaging behaviors? You can laugh at how great it would be... but what if you really could learn the secrets to changing the way you think?  

The secret that I would like to share with you in this video has made people billions of dollars, made dreams come true, helped people have the best relationships and is proven to improve health.

In this experienced based HOW to training, you’ll learn:

  1. 1The proven science on how to train your brain for success

  2. 2Get rid of stored negative emotion stored in your body

  3. 3Manage bullies, energy vampires and negative people.

These techniques were developed and tested for long term changes not a short motivational boost.

  1. BulletThese exciting and transformative skills with hundreds of teens as well as other entertainment, sports and business clients are being made available to you for the first time.

  1. Bullet Learn the cutting edge new discoveries about how your brain works that are revolutionizing neuroscience, and they can help your child become a better leader, build self-confidence. manage negative self talk and achieve their goals.  

  1. BulletSimple, easy to use software can track employee progress to monitor and track performance

  1. BulletCost effective way for all staff to be trained in EQ

  1. BulletContains practical tools that can maintained for long term success


Gene Landrum, PhD, Founder of Chuck E. Cheese and author of 17 books

Called the CEO’s best kept secret, Jenny Craig, LCSW, BCD is a brilliant forerunner in the field of emotional intelligence.  Her uncanny ability to translate the latest emotional intelligence research into practical tools and trainings and her knack at getting hard nosed executives to train their minds is invaluable to succeed in the global economy.  

Her international studies and background in neurology/psychology bring an advantage to any company looking for more than just another motivational speaker/clinical therapist.  Jenny is known internationally for her ability to help companies and executives get to the root of the issue and provide them with practical tools to change.

Ron Klein, Senior Olympian, Inventor of the Magnetic Credit Card Strip-Validity Checking System, Developer of MLS, Voice Response and the Bond Quotation for NYSE.

Jenny’s genius in emotional intelligence is taking complex issues and breaking them into practical, step by step tools that have helped top executives and athletes learn to become positive, success based thinkers.  Jenny’s brilliance of getting executives/athletes to see blind spots they never knew existed is uncanny.  Her tools to move someone to their next level of success are groundbreaking.   As everything starts with thoughts, what could be more valuable? Her innovative program and awareness tools such as the “I am grateful for...” ring has been ingenious with to help with focus and a positive mindset

No company can do without Jenny Craig.  Not to be cliche, but my ROI with Jenny has been priceless.  If I would have just contacted her first,  I would have saved tons of time and money on seminars, coaches, and books that never got to the root of my problem. Within minutes she was able to pin point exactly what has been holding me back from reaching my goals.  Not only was she able to find the root of the issue, she provided me with the tools to address my issue and move forward.  By working with Jenny I have finally broke through what was holding me back and have exceeded my own expectations of success.

Carrie Kerskie, CITRMS, LPI

CEO Marcone Investigations, Inc.

Utilizing her skills as an international educator and  licensed clinical social worker, Jenny is an international speaker, published author, host of the “the Live your Power” hour , writes the Ask Jenny column and is CEO or Insite Strategist.  Jenny is currently offering a six week curriculum sharing the secrets of top CEO’s, professional athletes and entrepreneurs of how to change their brain for success and learn emotional intelligence.  As a top change agent, Jenny has trained other psychologists/consultants in her methods in 48 states and has been named the 2012 American Business Women’s Association Neapolitan Woman of the Year, Gulfshore Business’s 40 under 40, the guru of interest in Gulfshore Life and has received the Sapphire Award from Inscape Publishing.  She has appeared on WINK, CBS, FOX, PBS and the Lifetime Network.  

She has published the books Live your Power - the tools to battle your inner bully, I am Brilliant, and Weighing your Options and is a contributor to the best sellers “Thinking upside down living right side up” and “Women will save the world”.  She is inventor of the the I am grateful for...™ ring, the Live your Power™ program, the Grateful Ring ™  curriculum, and runs a top international mastermind. She was recently featured on the PBS Brain Power video and spoke at the Energy of Success Summit and Designing a Powerful Woman Summit.  Always giving back, she is remains the current Florida district chair for youth services for the International Kiwanis Organization. 

  1. BulletLearn the tools that Harvard University now say are more important than your IQ and technical skills combined.

  1. BulletMore than just a motivational seminar, the Grateful Ring curriculum is committed to creating positive transformation

  1. BulletChange evolves authentically from the inside out. Uncover an individualized program to learn tools, methodology and support for taking your performance to the next level

  1. BulletLearn to better manage elevated levels of stress and operate from a more effective, sustainable, strategic, and inspired place

  1. BulletCountless hours of research have been tested to give you the same training of the most successful people on our planet.

Just to make sure you understand, this program is not for those looking for a motivational seminar to feel better for the moment.  This program has been built for by top clinical therapist Jenny Craig, LCSW, BCD with the latest neurological research to effect long term changes in your life.  

Over six one hour sessions, you will be able uncover:

  1.   the root of what has been holding you back from great success

  2.   psychological tools to effect neurological changes in your brain

  3.   step by step tools to discover how to live as your authentic self and LOVE living as the real you

  4.   stop the self-sabotage that keeps you from living your best life.

  5. program comes with six quizzes

  6. program includes downloadable workbooks  

As a manager or coach,  it's often pretty clear why one student is a superstar and another, just as talented, posts only mediocre performance.  It's what's inside their head that makes the difference -- those inner thoughts, beliefs, fears... those bad habits and negative patterns.  All the traditional education in the world is worthless when he or she runs up against their own mental walls... until now.

  1. Bullet Imagine the power you will have when you have neurological and psychological secrets to uncover how to change habits in their mind, boost self-confidence, how to lowering stress and how to maintain a positive attitude daily life.

  1. Bullet Learn the secrets to increasing happiness, self-confidence, relationships and more!

  1. Bullet Uncover amazing new discoveries about how your brain works that are revolutionizing neuroscience, and they can help you become a better leader, build self-confidence, manage negative self talk and achieve your goals.  

This program gives you the benefit of learning the top skills sets of training the mind and learning emotional intelligence.   Harvard University now reports that these skills sets are more important that your IQ and technical skills combined!

About the Grateful Ring™ curriculum

Created by a clinical therapist with a passion for creating leaders who are unafraid to be innovative, creative thinkers, empathetic listeners who are passionate about living their purpose.  The Grateful Ring™ curriculum takes leaders on a journey into their mind and body to discover the steps needed to make a positive changes in life.  In terms anyone can understand, they the neurological and psychological secrets to uncover how to change habits in their mind, boost self-confidence, how to lowering stress and how to maintain a positive attitude daily life. 

What are some of things I will learn?
Based on neurological and psychological
research, Jenny’s program teaches the nine steps to change negative thoughts into positive thoughts, powerful awareness tools, secrets to navigating your emotional defenses, how to release the stored pain that has been holding you back from living the life of your dreams, how to deal with bullies and energy vampires and the steps to be responsible for living a positive life.

Nothing else you do today will have as much profound effect on helping your success over the next year as taking action on the information you’ll find in this cutting-edge, EXPERIENCE-BASED 6 week course.  Set aside the time to review it and grab this opportunity to quantum leap your life this year.

Your will learn the the most important tools to EQ:

Self-awareness – the ability for leaders to be conscious of emotions and recognize their impact while using gut feelings to guide decisions.

Self-management – the ability for leaders to manage emotions and behavior and adapt to changing circumstances.

Social awareness – the ability to sense, understand, and react to the emotions of others and feel comfortable socially.

Relationship management – the ability to inspire, influence, and connect to others while managing conflict.   

Not only can they learn these skills, you can follow through on the program to help increase happiness, self-confidence, relationships and more!

Imagine the power you will have when you have neurological and psychological secrets to uncover how to change habits in their mind, boost self-confidence, how to lowering stress and how to maintain a positive attitude daily life.

Click below to learn how companies have made billions more by learning emotional intelligence techniques.

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  1. BulletWhy is this program important in schools?

  2. BulletHow educators can increase neural growth

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Uncover the secrets of training your brain for success that have taken TOP entrepreneurs, athletes, and CEO’s

to their next level.

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             Curriculum Overview

Week One - Your check up from the neck up -

FINALLY...a simple way to understand how your brain works

*Getting to know your inner bully

*Inner Bully Exercise

*Listening to your inner bully

*The insider’s step by step guide to battling your inner bully

thoughts for good

*The necessary nine steps to changing your thinking

*Harness your power through awareness

*Awareness activities to wake you up and increase your personal


Week Two - Why do I sabotage my own success?

*Learn about defenses and why people self-sabotage

*Top ways people self sabotage

*An insider’s look into how you get stuck, sabotage, and stop your


*Exercises to stop self-sabotage

*Discover what feeds your self-sabotage

*Discover questions to listen to your inner genius

*Figuring out your friends

Week Three - Releasing stored emotion

*Learn how to release stored emotion

*Regaining internal control

*Directed Release

*Every day emotional management techniques

Week Four - Recovering your joy

*Learning to fill with joy

*Filling your joy tank

*Accessing your right brain

*Visualization tools

Week Five - Staying in your power when surrounded by vampires and energy suckers

*Tools for reclaiming your life, your health and your heart

*Recognize and deal with energy vampires

*Breaking unspoken contracts

*Creating and communicating new boundaries

*How to forgive

Week Six - Stand in your power

*Create and live the life your dreams

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Jenny’s packages can include:

  1. Private one on one consultations

  2. Access to Jenny’s six one hour videos packed full of the latest research and tools to train your brain for success

  3. An invitation to the Game Changing Gratitude Ring event

  4. Power assignments to boost your success

  5. A copy of Jenny’s book “Live your Power

  6. Access to interviews with top entrepreneurs, athletes and

    thought leaders.     

    Listen to recent interviews

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Emotional Intelligence



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